Interrogatories for Doctor London
Whether he thretened Serles bicau commawnded Serles
opon palme sonday evyn to wryte such articles erroni[ous]
as had been preched in Kent.
Whether Serles brought the articles opon palme sonday
Whether he required Serles to go with hym to the
councceil to present the said articles, or elles to subscribe
theym with his hand, & Serles refused so to do, bicause
they were not proved by witnes, but onely by hearesay
Whether he thretened Serles bicause he wolde not
sette his hande, notwithstandynge that Serles knewe theym
not but by hearesay.
How Doctor london dyd fynde out Serles, & how longe
he had enquered for hym bifore he cowde fynde hym.
Whether in the presens of Serles Doctor london d
penne they articles anewe otherwise than they were
Whether Mr. Serles said than to Doctor willoughby
(whom Doctor london had persuaded to go with hym to the
counseil.) beware what you do, for you shal never
be able to prove theym of this sorte that Doctor london doth
now penne theym.
Whether beside the boke subscribed by diverse prebendaries
& other of Canturbery Doctor london made an other
grete booke of many mo articles.
Where that boke is, & of whom he had his instructions.
What matters he knewe agaynst tharchbusshope of
or others in kent
Canturbery or others in kent, bifore palme sonday last past, when he
had articles of Sir Serles, & of whom he had such
knowlege bifore before the said day.
What nombre of evyl prechers he knoweth within the dioces of
Cantorbery, & what they have preched amys.
Whether the Commissary in his visitations commawnded that
the wax candelles blessed opon candlemas day shal not be
delyvered unto the people, & whether he harde hym so commaund and whether he harde hym so commaund
Item that holy water sholde not be borne and cast in menes howses.
Item whether in som churches by the commissaryes commaunde-
ment al the images were pulled downe & hewed with
Item whether the commisary be most conversant with abjured
persons & other suspecte of herecie, aidynge mayntenynge
& supportynge the same.
Item whether Johana Bochier were delyvered by favor of
the commissary or by the kynges pardon.
Item whether Giles were a lay man or a preist, & what
sedition or errour he preched
Item whether opon our lady day the assumption was xii month he cam to Cantorbery in a courtieres cote and a berde, & ther logded tenne dayes, & Mr. hardes a justice of peace complayned of hym to the commissary, but the commissary dyd no thynge.
Item whether a Taylour in Cantorbery do reade & expownde
the bible in his own howse, wherunto is open resorte
suffered by the commissary of the Commissaryes knowlege.
Item whether the master of saynt Johns in Cantorbery at his deth refused to receyve & dispised the most blessed sacra-ment of thaltare, & yet by the sufferance of the saide commissary both was buryed like a true christen man, & also is of veray many praysed for a good & an holy man.
Item whether Mr. Blande preched that a  in communication with Mr. Sponer Vicar of boughton denyed auricular confession to be requisite & necessary, & delyvered his opinion to Mr. Sponer in wrytynge. which the commissary herynge, desiered Mr. Sponer to let hym se the wrytynge, swerynge that he wolde not kepe it from hym. But whan he had the bil, he put it in his
Item whether the commissary resigned a benefice to the said Blande, byndynge the said Blande & his successores by his wry- tynge made under my lorde of Cantorbery & the chapter seale, to pay unto hym& his assignes the gretter parte of the clere yerly value for many yeres.
The 26 of August last past in the chapter howse
Ther be summe synnes that can not be forgyven but by
fastynge & prayer.
Good peple you have been deceyved with prechers, but
if you have receyved any poyson & lerned any false
doctrine & byleved by ignorance, you be not to blame,
neither god is discontent with you.
In hel is burnynge of brymston, wilde fier, gunpowder,
soden hete, soden colde. And we may be sure therof
bicause that David Moses & the prophetes, which taught
us those thynges, were in the paynes of hel, or in
a kynde of hel which is limbo.
At Ashforth 12 Augusti: Anno 1543
At layname
In the howse of Mary and or Martha he fownde a certen man veray sicke and sore diseased, whose name was Lazarus brother to thies ii virgyns. Magdalen was a faire fyngered gentle woman.
or religion
Christ said to Martha. Thy busynes shal have an ende, but thy sisteres busynes shal last & never have ende.
Sandwich alias Gardiner in sermon in Christes church the iiide sonday after xii day.
The peple have not had hitherto the good wyne of goddes worde, but a day wolde com that they sholde have good wyne agayne, B But good peple be content, for nondum venit hora. the tyme is not yet come that you sholde have good wyne.
Of late dayes you have had here so many waterlaggeres,
which have turned your good wyne into water, that you
cowde have no good doctrine taught ne preched, unto you, but the
phantasies of their own braynes.
Peple may knele bifore images with their bookes & beads kysse their feete, sence theym, & offre to theym, so that they directe al this honour to the sayntes in heavyn.
As Christ was accused by ii or iii false knaves, so a man may be accused by ii or iii false knaves, & the juge as false a knave as the best, & so be condemned
The next sonday after.
I dyd prove by Ezechiel, hieremy, saynt Paule & Origene, that an image was none idole.
I called theym water laggers
You ar greved with me bicause I called theym waterlaggers
which have chaunged our good wyne into water.
Truly I cowde invent no fytter name for theym, but
evyn as I said than, so I say agayne. I bishrewe 
their hartes for me. Thay ar come hither & have
corrupte our good wyne. I wolde thay wolde get
theym home agayne thither from whens they cam But they must be smoked & purged rownde about with fire, or elles we shal never be rid of theym.
Som of you thought that som sholde have been hanged, but if you had deserved no more to be burned than thay have to be hanged, you sholde both do
wel enough.
plura quere fo. sequente.
Shether. 23 Apriles in the chapter howse.
Now a dayes good christians thay tech no thynge but carnal libertie. No man doth teach you the commaund- mentes of god, no man doth prech unto you goddes lawes yea no man dare do it, or rather wil do it not.
15 Maii at saynt Stevyns.
He made the people bileve with a grete multitude words that they had prechers here which had preched agaynst a vocal prayer, & had called vocal prayer no thynge but babelynge & lippe labour.
Upon this text, you must pray without intermission, he said
Som felowes say that this is impossible, but I shal tel you
good christianes how to performe this. It is a common sayinge in the lawe. That that a man doth by his proctor, he doth it by hymselfe. Wherfore whan thou art in the felde at thy labour or otherwise occupied, hire the church to pray for the (the church he called the preistes) & so shalt thou continually pray.
He counceled laborynge men to divide their labour into iii partes. To gyve one peny to the poore, an other to the preistes to pray for theym, & the iiide to kepe for theymselfes
& their howseholdes.
He did discorage men from prayinge in the mother tonge, sayinge. Som of you say that men can not pray in an unknown tonge, bicause thay understonde not what thay say. But I say that no man understondeth what he prayeth, as saynt Paule saith. Nescit homo quomodo orandum sit, sed spiritus hominis docet quomodo orandum sit. And therfore though you do not understande what you pray, yet
pray so stil.
16 Septembris in the chapter howse.
Al the constitutions decrees & ordinances of our holy mother the church ar most godly, most holy, & therfore ar to observed of al her children christen peple without disputynge or reasonynge of any of theym.
God dyd ingrave the hole power & wisedome of the
trinitie in lucifer.
Sandwich alias Gardiner at wye in lent was xii month in the faire.
He playnly affirmed the state & condition of the sowles departed. Upon palme sonday last past he dyd execute in the cathedral church of Canturbery & halowed the palme & songe hye masse without decla- ringe the ceremony
In festo pasche
He said ther be som that be no preistes, that do take opon theym to minister the sacramentes.
2do septembris
Only love grafted Paule & Mary Magdanele in Christ. He moved the peple to take away ageyne their beades matens, evynsonge & vii psalmes, which of late they had cast away by theym that preched agaynst al vocal prayer
Item the same day and sermon he saied that the
holly gooste was neither in this place nor that
as Christ was never in Italy: nor never
spake of Italy. but if thou wilt have the
holly goost (saied he) seeke hym in his wourde
and in thy hart,
26 Septembre 1543,
Lancaster holy water
Lancaster parsonne of pluckley useth neither in the
churche porche any hally water according to the
laudable custume of the churche,
holy bread
Item a great part of his parish usith not to
receyve hally breade,
Item going on procession he useth not to reherse
sancta maria or any other Saintz names,
Steven Giles of Charing saying in the presence of
of the parsonne of pluckey henry Giles and other. That
he blissed hym self daily and nightly Saying in nomine patri
&c And that he saied in thonour of god and our lady.
and all the company of heaven and for all christen soules
that god would have prayed for a pater noster, an Ave
and a Crede. The parson of pluckley said That
if he knew it of truthe. that thesaid Steven used
thesame fourme of prayer, he wold not accompany
hym, nor ones Drunk with hym. This Steven
Giles hathe knouledged this to be true before
Sir Thomas moyle /
The curate of muche Mongeham
24 Septembris Anno 1543
The curate of moche mongeham
The curate of muche mongeham goyng on procession refuseth and will in no wise syng nor say the lateny in suche maner as all other curates doo
Robert Newington 24 Septembris
Robert Newyngton
Robert Newyngton of Edgerton resisteth to come to comme to the Sepulcher at the tyme of Easter withoute their were brede and drinke their, he hath rebuked other that have don it
He hath refused and resisted against making of lightes aboute the rode lofte
He saith that it ys Idolatry to the Sepulture he refuseth to goo a procession. Gilbert Bacheler.
Thomas makeblythe of Canterbury barbour 26 Septembris Anno 1543
Thomas makeblythe
Thomas makeblith Barbour of Canterbury did not bere palme on palme sondaye last past, but rede the bible in procession tyme
On Easter daye last past he went into a Corner at the resurrection tyme, and went not a procession as other did
James Rolf
Jo Thatcher seniour
Jo maske
Thomas Brameston
Mr. Isaac
Mr. Isaac toke a preiste named Sir Thomas, and put into a seculer mannys apparell, made hym a horsekeper
william kempe
Nicolas Raynolde
Thomas Calcot & other
the vicar of Northgate
Nicolas Raynoldes.
Thomas Calcot & other of the
parish of Northgate.
25 Septembr 1543
Heresies detected and the detectours
Serles saide
Christe was nurrished with celestiall mylke, and not materiall
John Abby
Rauf post
John ffurner
Robert Burges
John Colyer
John Brewster
Richard Stokes
William Greneland
James Pyrryn
Thies personnes ar noted to be
witnes of the Sermon made
at Lenham the day of the
Assumption of our Ladye
Die Ascentionis Domini 1541
Joan Marden;
Robert Colman
He saied there is none in heaven but Christ only
In Lent 1541
William Cockes
Only faithe Justifieth
The supper of the lord quod he
ys not hostia pro peccatis but hostia Laudis
In die penthecostes ultimo.
Cyriack petit;
William hunt;
The holly gooste is neither in this place
nor that etc.
thys ys to certyfy your mastershype that the same angre & malyce expressyd by wordes of doctor london to me was not counterfet ne faynyd
angre which master wyllyams the dean of lychfeld yf he be requiryd can testify Item doctor kechyn lat abbat of heynsam can testyfy the
same which on palme munday logyd yn the same yn at maydenhede wher y was logyd to whom y openyd at supper ther the hole
matter of owr varians & fallyng owt & he advertysyd me to wryt sum gentyl letter to pacyfy mr london hys yre & to sende my man with my letter
backe to london or eles to ryd backe my selfe by whos councell y wrot the letter to doctor wylloby & sent backe my servant with all
Item abowth thys thyme ii yeres as y was entryng yn communication with the bysshope of Wynchester that yt myght please hym to be so good lord un to me to helpe me forth yn my suyt that
the sonder thorow hyme y myght attayne of the kynges grace a lycens to preche owt of the diocesse off caunterbure with a
non residens & sodenly cam yn the byshop off rochester & seyd
my lord the howre ys past & then they bogth went
to london & y never spake with hyme syth ne be fore as
y take god to record y most humble besech your masterschype
to speke for me to my lordes grace that y may be restoryd
to lyberte
Interogatories ot Shether & other
Inprimis whither they presented unto Tharchebisshop of Canterbury the selsame articles that be conteyned in the booke of complaint, or whither there be moo, or fewer, or some altred by addition of any wourdes
Item whither the witnes brought in did prove all thesaid Articles Item whefore they left out iii of tharticles that before were presented Item whither tharchebisshop of Canter did rebuke Serlis of that he
preached that ymages might be permitted in the churche as representers of saintz and not Idolles.
Item whither that tharchebisshop of Caunterburie did speake openlye before all the prebendaries and preachers there and also openly in his Consistory, that the kinges pleasure was to have three preachers
iii of the new lerning and iii of thold
Item whither Selris and Shether were accused by men whiche were noted by commen fame to be of evull ipinion for preaching, and who they were that accused them.
Item whether the honest of their audience offred them selfis to testifie
that they were falsely accused and that whiche was laide against
them was not true. And althoughe they were a great nomber
yet could thay not be admitted and who they were that so offred themselfes And whether they offred theym selfes or serlis required them to be examynde & cowde not have them admytted
Item whither falce personnes men of evill fame for suspect opinions though they were, but twoo or three were admitted and by whom they were suspected And whether any obiection was made agaynst these suspecte persons bifore the Iuges
Item whither Serles and Shether were innocent preachers and so being Innocent were condempned thone to prisone and thother to reade a declaration of false surmised articles and by whome thone ws committed to prison
Item whether they that wold speak against evill opinions dare not, for if they doo, they be complayned on and called seitiouse persones
stiring the people to commotion, and by whome they be so called
Item whither complayning to their ordinarye at his handes, they gett nothing but displeasure, and the partie evill preaching muche favour and boldenes. And who hathe had displeasure of
the ordinarye for complayning against evill preachers. And what
il prechers have had favour & boldnes therin at thordinarye handes
Item whither twoo ymages of Christ and twoo of our Ladye
wherunto was neither oblation doon, nor any light standing
were taken downe by tharchebisshoppes commaundement, bothe by mouthe and by lettres, and what theffect of the kinges lettres was